“I started reading ‘Building Bridges of Grace’. Wow! What an amazing journey you have been on. I found it fascinating, challenging, faithful and courageous.”

Through part of the author’s personal story, this book applies Emotional Logic to understand how divisive attitudes have severely damaged the worldwide Christian Church. The ‘principles of organisation’ described can bring order out of chaos to any area of life, not just to a broken Church. They can restore the ability of people in broken societies around the globe to explore healthy diversity without violence. This book is about humanity, not religion - a timely challenge for a world being torn apart by religious conflict.

About the author

Dr Trevor Griffiths studied medicine at Oxford University and Westminster Hospital. For 25 years he pioneered whole person medicine in General Medical Practice with his wife Marian. They also ran their large home in Devon for twenty years as an extended Christian Family with helpers, offering hospitality and spiritual care to people who were recovering from life crises. He founded the Emotional Logic Centre in 2003, and since then has full-time trained coaches and tutors internationally to prevent illness and socially disruptive behaviour and to promote personal development by deepening emotional understanding.

The remarkable story behind the healing community told in ‘Building Bridges of Grace’ explains how Marian and Trevor discovered a very different picture of healing to the one many people have in mind when they ask for either prayer in a church or medication from a doctor. The picture is not of healing from problems; it is healing into wholeness. Trevor works and speaks internationally to make ‘Emotional Logic’ widely available through schools, healthcare, workplaces, and religious or community settings, opening doors to healing and reconciliation for a sustainable world.