Shelly and Friends are Emotional Logic children’s story books that can be used by teachers, parents, carers and social workers as a tool to help children aged 4–9 talk constructively about their emotions.

The books explore how some of our unpleasant emotions have useful purposes that can help us to make a plan to get life moving when change, setbacks and disappointments leave us feeling stuck. Together the book set explores how people can move from the stress cycle of grief, to the growth cycle, enabling you to grow through difficult circumstances.

The friends decide to throw a secret birthday party for Lisimba. They all agree; but how to do it makes them all disagree! They discover that honesty sharing their emotions helps them to find a new way so they can all pull together. And they discover the joy of life, again together in the Savannah.

Emotional Logic is a conversational skill that can be learnt at any age. We believe that encouraging our young children to understand their emotions from a young age can mean that they grow up with a stronger emotional resilience in order to overcome challenges later in life.

Emotional Logic can also help children who are experiencing anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm, low confidence, chronic fatigue, bulimia and compulsive or destructive behaviours.

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