This beautifully illustrated set of light-hearted storybooks are perfect for children and 4-9yrs. Younger children will enjoy the stories being read to them and older children can read it themselves too. This is quality time. It can lead to helpful conversations about emotions that build friendship. Activities are also suggested to encourage emotion expressed creatively.

This is an ideal gift for grandparents to buy for young families, for primary school assemblies and circle time, and for organisations that work with families and fostered children.

Each book tells a story about a different Savannah animal who represents one of the seven core adjustment emotions. The colourful characters of the various friends mix together in the stories and show how emotions are not part of the problem - they are part of the solutions generated when the friends team up to solve everyday situations.

Books 5, 6 and 7 (Monte, Esther and Gemmie) together describe an emotional growth cycle, by which people grow stronger in difficult situations. Books 1-4 (Shelly, Ollie, Reggie and Zora) describe the emotional steps sometimes needed to get to that personal growth cycle.

The Emotional Logic adjustment process behind these stories is explained for adults in an accompanying information sheet, showing how the seven books connect together to describe a healthy adjustment process.

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Individuals/families- You will receive a digital download via email once payment has been processed.

Schools and Organisations -

Emotional Logic’s conversational method is increasingly taught in primary school classes and parents’ evenings. These books are favourites in assemblies and circle time, helping to build strong character and relational responsiveness at an early age.

Schools and organisations (£29 for five devices via a designated admin) Please contact the office to gain access to the digital download.